Website and Technology Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Assistance

If you have difficulty using or accessing any component of this website, please contact our friendly customer support team by phone at 888-205-3870 or by email at and we will work with you to provide any information needed or to help you complete the transaction you seek through a method that is accessible for you consistent with applicable law.

How We Are Accessible

Paleohacks is committed to hosting an accessible website for all of our customers, including those with disabilities. While a continual work in progress, we have taken the following steps to create an accessible environment for everyone visiting the Paleohacks website:

  • screen-reader adjustments (for blind users)
  • keyboard navigation adjustments (for the motor impaired)
  • UI, design, and readability adjustments (for the vision impaired)


Please reach out to us if you have any feedback or suggestions on improving the accessibility of our site.