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PaleoHacks Supports Food Security

We put our money where our mouth is. Every PaleoHacks purchase supports 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Savory institute. Through holistic management and grassland restoration, Savory institute improves drought resilience and reduces atmospheric carbon dioxide to create greater food security and financially viable communities. Savory Institute is rated platinum by Guidestar. Their efforts are made possible by generous contributions from people like you.

Your Support Makes Food Security Possible

Wrinkled hands sifted through a collection of maps and spreadsheets, on an aged table with two metallic pots and a bowl, steeped in antiquity.

Your Order Supports a Healthier, More Sustainable Food Supply

Savory Institute is on a mission to create a global impact by restoring natural grasslands. Grassland restoration helps reduce CO2 emissions and increases drought resilience. This results in a healthier, more accessible food supply and financial security for the people who grow our food.

Improving food security and reducing climate change requires managing complexity. Savory Institute accomplishes this mission by using holistic management techniques that mimic the natural predator/prey relationships in which our food environments evolved.

When you shop with PaleoHacks, every purchase supports regenerative agriculture and food security for all.

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Every Order Supports the Savory Institute

Eat well, make an impact. Every PaleoHacks purchases supports food security and regenerative agriculture.